Lots of people today talk about having passion for their business or profession. However, Kewl Founder and President Diana Llorente uses the term “euphoria” when she describes what she yearns to accomplish for the Kewl Consulting clients.

“Euphoria was the feeling I had when I created my first CRM marketing experience 20 years ago. For 18 months my team and I had painstakingly fit together the jigsaw pieces of a new, comprehensive program that linked everything the sales people knew with everything our other departments did.”

“When you do it right, this approach touches everything in your company and allows you to be more effective in achieving results,” say Diana. “During those 18 months, we tripled revenue without adding to expenses or headcount.”

Not bad for someone who knew that she wanted even before CRM became a common acronym in business. The difference between then and now, is that the software and business systems Kewl presents so effortlessly to clients today, did not exist in those days. Diana – and Kewl Consulting – literally created a sophisticated system before CRM and Internet Marketing were everyday strategies in the marketplace.

“I want every client to experience the power, control and benefits of fully integrated, systematized business process,” Diana says.

That is what Kewl Consulting does for you – when they build a website, customize a standard CRM system, or create proprietary software – it is based exclusively on your business model and processes, down to the tiniest detail.

“Kewl is a vehicle for helping clients replicate my first, euphoric business experience,” says Diana. And then the euphoria ripples outward, through Kewl Consulting to their clients and onward to their customers.

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