Quote OpenI am blown away! Not only did we get a great press release written for us, included were excerpts to use in LinkedIn, Twitter and paragraphs especially written for our reseller channel to use.Quote Close

Today, if a person has to read your message more than one to get the point, he or she probably won’t even bother. Nobody has that kind of time anymore.

Here’s the thing: on average, people now spend about 30 seconds viewing a webpage. That’s half a minute for the headline, image and text to grab that reader’s attention and keep him on your site. The writing had better be good – good enough to communicate the real

messages. Such as “We know what we’re doing.” “You can trust us.” and “Our products and services perform as well as this website does.”

Good writing is based on both the art and science of communication: readability, tone, persuasiveness, and impact (that results in the reader’s action) are not happy accidents. They come from a writer’s understanding of and skill in the craft.

“Good writing creates a space in which your readers can think.”    Carol J. Sutton