Training is one of the foundational cornerstones of Kewl services.

Kewl Consulting Inc. has been a provider of software training since 2001. We have trained thousands of learners on CRM software, web based applications, general office software, to specialty applications unique to certain industries and businesses. Proper training, which in our opinion, is only accomplished when the learner experiences the content through oral instruction, visual aids, written handouts, review, hands-on reinforcement of learning and assessment upon completion – is one of the key components in adopting new content and skills critical to productivity and confidence in today’s technology driven work world.

Each of our instructors are proficient in the areas of instruction and have at least 10 years training experience. Our overall training objective is that learners are not simply left informed, and have obtained the confidence to incorporate skills into their job role, making learning more sustainable over time.

Learners are provided with a Certificate of Completion for each course taken.