You have probably already tried all applications available off-the-shelf. If you still can’t find an application that suits the requirements of your business, you should consider getting it custom developed. The custom programming field is dominated by three myths.

Myth #1: Custom programming is expensive

Not at all! At Kewl Consulting, we make sure that the playing ground is even for your niche, so you are at the same place as the big boys in your industry. Most of our clients regardless of their size have a budget to work within, and we understand their cost concerns.  If you want a project that suits your pockets, contact us.

Myth #2: It takes too long

How long do you think it would take? A year? A few years? Not exactly… most of our projects are completed in less than a year, and our customers start getting ROI sooner than they expect.

Myth #3: It will not be EXACTLY what we need

Actually, it can be. At Kewl Consulting, we understand your business processes and the short and long term goals of your company before we go on board with the project. We have a track record for successfully translating our client’s ‘business’ ideas into a comprehensive specification document required by our programmers to deliver all the functionality needed. Kewl Consulting always brings to the discussion features for inclusion that our clients may not know are possible to enhance the end-product significantly, without adding to the cost. In addition, our design team will develop easy to navigate, modern screen interfaces for your users to test before the programming is locked in – thereby ensuring that you get exactly what you want.