The Kewl Advantage

In today’s environment, you cannot afford to run into unexpected risks – not when your mission-critical information and processes are at stake. Kewl Consulting has one of the most experienced consulting teams for business needs assessments, software vendor selection processes, implementation plans, change management and software adoption. We operate independent of software vendor agreements which allows us the freedom to examine needs openly and objectively, assisting with unbiased recommendations best suited for the client’s requirements.

Are we the only ones to offer the services recommended within our Needs Assessment and Requirements Spec? No, but there are compelling reasons why we are the best choice for your overall customer experience project. You need a partner who understands your culture and organizational environment. One who can thoroughly assess your particular needs and requirements for a better customer experience (internally and externally). One who can competently apply proven processes and techniques throughout the project. A consulting firm that firmly believes that recommendations alone are weak, unless the consultant is willing to put their name and reputation behind the recommendations from assessment through to implementation and adoption.

Commitment to improved effectiveness

Every project we take on at Kewl is our signature. So we are as committed to your success as you are. We expect you to lean on our team for their expertise and experience throughout each step of the process. With Kewl, you trade experiment for experience.

Experience matters

Consultants at Kewl have firsthand experience with more than just developing needs assessments. We add real value to the process because of real implementation, training, change management and software adoption experience. This experience enables our team to ask the right questions and build a robust deployment plan that results in implementation success.

Results within budget

Invariably the success of your project will depend upon the execution of methods and delivery of results within a time frame and budget that yields the expected return on the investment you are about to make.

Kewl Consulting has carved its niche as a company that uses a methodical approach similar to large consulting firms, differentiates itself by also implementing what it recommends at affordable, competitive prices.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Taking ownership of driving the successful outcome of the project in conjunction with a project leader from your team
  • Providing the expertise required for meaningful, effective results
  • Using a practical and methodical approach to maximize the value to each of our customers

CRM Success Factors

You have a well-defined Customer Strategy.

You have documented your Business Processes.

You have completed a Needs Assessment.