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Businesses are always looking to improve their image, whether it be how they actually present themselves personally or the logo that represents their business. Lix is a technological development that’s going to change the way we look at pens, one of the main reasons being because it’s actually a 3D-printing pen. The pen itself is incredibly lightweight and durable, and it has an abundance of different uses when it comes to the business industry. Plenty of people are in the field of designing and sketching out particular pieces and equipment that are needed by other companies/factories and such. Sketching out models or even developing prototypes (design prototypes that is) is a breeze when you’re making use of this pen, so clearly the benefits are there.

This would be ideal for the business that likes to keep everything hands on, when you’re designing and perfecting designs or styles digitally you just don’t feel like you have enough control. The new Lix 3D-printing pen allows you recreate your ideas in an environment that isn’t digitally optimized, and when you look at sketches and designs in the physical form you can notice a lot more of the intricacies. Businesses can use this product in an abundance of ways, they could take it upon themselves to create a 3D presentation to keep their clients (or even their investors) involved throughout the whole thing. Not only that, but the ideas that businesses are trying to get across will become much clearer when they make use of the Lix 3D-printing pen; it’s always nice to give your team a heads up when it comes to new designs and such (and what better way to manage that than with Lix!).

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Garett Llorente

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