CRM Software Selection

CRM Software Selection — The Right Choice Depends on the Criteria You Use

With a lot of CRM (customer relationship management) software providers out there, finding the right one for your business can be quite tricky. Investing in the wrong one will not only waste your money, but will also affect your business functions. CRMs are great for managing the whole cycle of customer relationships – getting new clients, maintaining the existing clients, and laying groundwork for repeat business.

Our management analysts have shared three key factors involved in choosing the right CRMs. These factors will help you select a CRM software solution suitable for your business.


1. Know exactly what you want, don’t rely on assumptions

Create a clear picture of your business’ workflow on paper, list down the areas which your company struggles with, and then get into brainstorming with your team. Vendors often lure companies into buying CRM packages which appeal more to the buyer’s eyes and less to the business processes. Verify that the CRM you’re interested in meets all the important parameters on your checklist. Also, check for additional features, such as options for integrating your customer data with your accounting systems.


2. Can the software ‘grow’ as your business grows?

Certain CRM software solutions are excellent for managing data, daily activities, and reports; but they have limitations when it comes to scalability. A successful business is bound to grow, so the CRM product which you intend to buy needs to grow too. It has to be scalable. It shouldn’t take a sudden halt when its utilization begins to expand and increase. Do not opt for CRM solutions which have a lifetime of a year or a two only. Scalable CRM software solutions might cost you a bit more, but they are completely worth the money you put in.


3. Can you see yourself working in the software?

If the user interface of the CRM is not easy (and this is subjective), you might not find it comfortable to work with during the long run. There are many CRM solutions with the same set of features. In such a scenario, the user interface (the screen layouts, button sizes, colors, etc.), is what makes all the difference. If the interface is too confusing to you, it’s best to go for another CRM that has an easier interface.
So, if you find a CRM software solution that meets these 3 key factors, then do not let the cost factor get in between. CRM software solutions are a requirement for modern business models.



Diana Llorente

Diana Llorente

Diana Llorente, president of Kewl Consulting Inc.. Diana helps businesses improve the effectiveness of how they relate to their internal and external customers with first-class business solutions. She is known for her expert advice in guiding clients in CRM, Internet strategies, web development and project management. To know more about Diana Llorente, go to

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