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CRM Projects — is There Really a Success Formula?

The success or failure of a CRM initiative is often dependent upon what happens after the software selection and initial implementation period has completed. During implementation, everyone is on high alert: internal communications about the project are frequent, training sessions and support are abundant, and managers are keenly aware of the change process impacting their teams.

But what happens after that initial implementation when everyone settles back into their daily routine?

This is when the true test for CRM occurs and often when statistics that give CRM a bad reputation set in:

“70% of CRM initiatives fail to achieve their expected objectives”

“90% of businesses can’t show a positive return on CRM”

“75% of CRM initiatives fail to substantially impact the customer experience”

These kinds of statistics can easily sway any seasoned project champion to stay clear of leading a CRM initiative. But what the statistics fail to highlight is a key element to the success of any project, CRM or otherwise, and that is: every project needs a strategy to succeed. Not just an objective. Not just a measurement to achieve or a goal post to aim for. But a strategy that plans for the successful and sustainable embracement of CRM.



Diana Llorente

Diana Llorente


Diana Llorente, president of Kewl Consulting Inc.. Diana helps businesses improve the effectiveness of how they relate to their internal and external customers with first-class business solutions. She is known for her expert advice in guiding clients in CRM, Internet strategies, web development and project management. To know more about Diana Llorente, go to

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