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Business Content – What’s Considered Strong?

Writing ‘good’ content, especially for business, needs to have flawless grammar and a highly professional tone, right? And, hiring a qualified writer should take care of creating content for a professional website, agreed?


Well, if that were to be the case, traffic generating sites would be ruled by Grammar Nazis. But the most attention-grabbing sites belong to creative content makers. While creating business content, the focus should not be on things such as sentence structure or vocabulary-rich words. Rather, the spotlight must be set on the subject matter of the content, and on the factors which appeal to a larger part of your target audience.


Keep the following mantras in mind while developing good website content:

Research… and then write

To start your research, check the websites publishing popular content related to your field. Study the structure and presentation techniques they use. Spend a little time on the comments left by the visitors on these sites. Check what they liked and what they didn’t. Also, keep an eye on the most recent news and widely discussed issues related to the topic you want to include in your content.


Know thy audience well

Who’s your audience? Which section of the crowd is your product meant for? Let’s say the product for which you are building the content is for teenagers. Think about the way teenagers talk. They keep things short, and mix them with slangs. To grab their attention, speak their language. But remember, using foul language and using popular slangs are two different things. Present your content in a conversational tone and speak your audience’s language.


Spark some energy

Writing impressive content is good, but making your readers (site visitors) get into action is called excellence. If your web content is for holiday destinations, then the writing must first make the reader ‘see’ the destinations. Second, they should long for visiting the destinations. And third, the content should provide them simple ways of reaching the destination, and give a gentle push to work out things faster for stepping outside the door.


It might not be easy in the first go, but as you begin writing for your website, you’ll be able to come up with your own methods and tricks.



Diana Llorente

Diana Llorente

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