What does Kenny Vincent at Mighty Haul like best about his CRM system implemented by Kewl Consulting:  “They make it work”.

” I don’t want to get up in the morning without my CRM. And when I need support, I need it NOW. If Kewl can answer my question in a few minutes, they don’t even bill me for that. They log right into my computer and help find what’s giving me a problem.”

“Kewl Consulting does what I do in my business — they anticipate the client’s need. They are always ready for me.”

“Kewl installs the software properly; logs in and goes through it with you; provides training and checks in to make sure you are using it in the best way possible to get the results you want. It works right, from the beginning.”

And Kewl knows answers beyond the one program Mighty Haul is running: “They know about computers in general. So maybe I have a problem that’s not a CRM software problem, but it’s affecting how the software runs for me. They can find that at once; sometimes they can fix it, and sometimes they can’t, but they always know what’s going on.”