As new owners, Barb Hillman and her partners watched the Westerly Yacht Sales staff labour over extensive hand-written contract forms. The process took hours to complete, not the speed at which business is successful. A solution had to be found, quickly.

The answer was to retain Kewl Consulting to customize a program for them that comprises all of their documentation, beyond just sales records. “Instead of hours, our sales professionals now just hit two buttons and generate all of the necessary materials,” Barb says.

It took extensive training — biweekly at first, then weekly — to get everyone comfortable with this detailed, highly-tailored system. “When using a new system people can feel awkward and become frustrated easily,” says Barb. However, Kewl’s training is staged so that each iteration becomes a logical progression to the client’s staff. And it always comes with a smile, but without judgements. “The smile gets around that.”

As is often the case, Westerly did not ask for a system such as the one they now have because they did not know it was possible. “Kewl was able to go beyond the program’s specifications to interpret what our company actually needed to achieve the goals we shared with them.”

The result is an industry first: “The system Kewl built for us makes a huge difference to the way our company operates,” she said. “Sales people are not weighed down with repetitive tasks, so they have the time to speak to clients, sell yachts, and find new clients.”

Westerly staff say, there is nothing like it in the yacht sales industry, giving them a sense of pride and ownership of it which, Barb says, means that her company is headed in the right direction.

“To be able to learn about your client’s industry so quickly; know what software can do, and combine that with what the client really needs — that’s genius.”