How to Make 1 Person Look Like a Team of 100

How to Make A Person Look Like A Team of 100

You often see large corporate houses proudly mention their employee force. ‘We are a company of 2000 employees’ or ‘We have 900 professionals working…’ And so on. You get the picture. Now, this is fine when advertising for customers, highlighting the vastness of your organization. But as entrepreneurs or as leaders of business industries, do you really feel the strength when saying numbers? Experienced leaders have always taken pride in nurturing their teams. They train people with such distinct qualities and ways that each person gives the productivity of 100 people. Too far-fetched? Not really. Keep reading on to find out some good old practices which still yield results.


Today’s business models, processes and policies add too many restrictions on employees. Most of the times, they are well-aware of what NOT to do, rather than work towards what CAN be done.


Of course, you might be spending good money to train your managers, conducting in-house events like reward-n-recognition programs – to boost motivation, performance, and team-bonding. But are those ways really effective?

Here’s what you need to do, to empower your employees for becoming ultimate resources:

  1. Allow freedom: Don’t let your managers appear as mere management puppets. They need to be a leader-figure for their team. Give them the space and the opportunity to take decisions which are not primarily focused only to please you as a boss. Guide them, share best practices, and most importantly – keep room for marginal errors and learning activities.
  2. Feedback: Make your feedback sessions productive, not a lecturing session. Get them to point out their areas of weakness, and work with them to create plans for improvement.
  3. Reward and… consequences: We all know how to reward employees when they meet targets but what about when they just stay stagnant on average performances? Never encourage stagnant performance. Many mistake it for consistency. It’s not. Your employees need to excel. Be transparent when you aren’t happy with performances. Show them how warmly you treat the achievers in your organization. They need to strive for becoming achievers.
  4. Risk-takers: Give opportunities to calculated risk-takers. These are the ones who might someday be a skilled MD or a VP of your overseas branch. They are the heavy-weight champions. Involve them in projects which demand for initiatives and strategies.


Adding technology and boosting infrastructure is a must. But the true progress and accomplishments of organizations lie with the efficiency, dedication and commitment of strong employees.



Diana Llorente

Diana Llorente

Diana Llorente, president of Kewl Consulting Inc.. Diana helps businesses improve the effectiveness of how they relate to their internal and external customers with first-class business solutions. She is known for her expert advice in guiding clients in CRM, Internet strategies, web development and project management. To know more about Diana Llorente, go to http://dianallorente.com/

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