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Improving With Unconventional Tasks

Businesses have a tough time when it comes to being creative and implementing things that wouldn’t really be implemented by anybody else. This isn’t always a good thing, as sometimes unconventional tasks can prove to strengthen the core of an individual (or a particular business). There are a bunch of examples that can be thrown […]

Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen

Innovative ideas are usually the ones that provide the most merit when it comes to production, and this is exactly the case when it comes to the scan-and-draw color-changing pen. Technology is advancing at a rate we could never have even though possible, but now we’re able to actually make use of a pen that […]

All About Lix

Businesses are always looking to improve their image, whether it be how they actually present themselves personally or the logo that represents their business. Lix is a technological development that’s going to change the way we look at pens, one of the main reasons being because it’s actually a 3D-printing pen. The pen itself is […]

Tesla Releases Their Technology to The Public

Tesla has taken it upon themselves to provide the general public with their technology (open-source that is). This is a great idea for a business, as it would allow for the dedicated community to actually work on any problems and negative traits regarding your design (or in this case the patents that Tesla has to […]


Business Content – What’s Considered Strong?

Writing ‘good’ content, especially for business, needs to have flawless grammar and a highly professional tone, right? And, hiring a qualified writer should take care of creating content for a professional website, agreed?   Well, if that were to be the case, traffic generating sites would be ruled by Grammar Nazis. But the most attention-grabbing […]