Origin of Our Company Name: Kewl Consulting

Diana Llorente, Founder & President
Kewl Consulting Inc.

Our customers are often curious as to how we came up with a name that sounds so ‘cool’, and the unique spelling we use. Here is the origin of our company name:

“At a very early stage in my career”, says founder Diana Llorente, “I was often accomplishing results that exceeded the expectations of my employers and their customers. People would frequently comment at my outcomes as being ‘sooo cool’. Therefore, in 2001, when I had the opportunity to start my own company, I thought it only fitting that I name my business after the results I had been achieving for years. Unable to register my business using the common spelling for cool, I chose ‘kewl’ instead, which at the time was heavily used by Internet chatters as an alternate spelling to ‘cool’. Thus was born the name and our company philosophy as Kewl Consulting.”


World English Dictionary [http://www.dictionary.com]

kewl (ku:l)

— adj
informal   a nonstandard variant spelling of cool

Definition: excellent, wonderful
Etymology: humorous spelling of cool