Who are we?

Kewl Consulting is a team of business professionals with consulting and software implementation expertise. The company was founded in 2001 by Diana Llorente, who wanted to share with others what every company strives for:  delivering the best customer experience from the first point of contact, through the entire life cycle of a customer — and beyond to their circle of customers, colleagues and business associates.

Guided by one of Peter Drucker’s statements: “The purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer”, Kewl’s philosophy includes customer advocacy as later added by Shiv Singh:  “The purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer… who creates Customers”.

Customers need to feel remembered, understood and well serviced — regardless of what stage they are at in their life cycle with a company. It is Kewl Consulting’s mission to help businesses achieve this with their own customers, while experiencing this satisfaction with our own company.

10,000+ projects implemented
Business Process Consulting
CRM Consulting & Implementation
Web Development
Custom Solutions

Who is our market?

Our primary focus is midmarket businesses. Our portfolio of clients includes SMBs, midmarket and a few Enterprise organizations across many diverse industries.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Integrate ERP systems, production, warranty, customer services, sales and marketing into one comprehensive customer view.

Financial & Insurance Services

Go beyond KYC (knowing your customer). Automate your processes for reviews, reminders and follow-ups, while satisfying regulatory requirements and achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Government & Public Sector

Integrate your business front-end processes with complex, enterprise back-end systems, like SAP or Oracle, via robust systems designed with hooks into enterprise systems or custom-tailored interfaces that Kewl can design.

Real Estate & Property Management

Manage multitudes of customers, influencers and stakeholders at various stages with proficiency and effectiveness.

General Business & Professional Services

Every business can benefit from systematizing processes beyond keeping a schedule of appointments. Relate more effectively to the needs of external customers, while assisting your internal team to deliver the best customer experience.


Take advantage of all the latest technologies from integrating POS systems with CRM or marketing tools, social media strategies, customer loyalty programs, and more.

What makes us different?

At Kewl Consulting, your goals come first — and then we find the suitable best-in-class technologies to achieve those results. Systematizing, automating and optimization are key factors for productivity and growth.

Kewl will help you to develop that critical first piece — a Customer Strategy — if you do not already have one. We will further assist with Needs Assessments, developing Workflow and Business Processes, procuring the right-fit software, as well as marketing strategies and social media tips.

The objective is to achieve effective results, faster. This leads to greater profitability and growth while you deliver a customer experience that creates customer advocates.

“We wanted someone who knows what they’re doing, comes in, asks the right questions, and gets us where we need to go. That’s Kewl Consulting.”

P. Thornton, Knelson Concentrators