15 years later: what I learned along the way and what I see coming up next


January 2, 2018

by diana llorente

I had a “wow” moment after finishing my work day. After a long exhale, it dawned on me that I had just passed the 16th year anniversary of founding Kewl Consulting.


I thought about the 75,000+ project hours I have clocked. The awards won. The innovative solutions across a multitude of industries. The companies I’ve helped and watched grow, from 10 employees to 100s.


Through all of my triumphs, there is actually a sadness.  I have also, unfortunately, witnessed the fall of good companies with good people that appeared adept at serving their market and immune to insolvency. And yet, it was tragic to watch these scenarios play out time and time again.


Everyone wants to succeed: sell their vision, product, or service; scale properly; innovate or fit into ever-evolving markets.


I have witnessed businesses implement a variety of trendy strategic plans to weather stormy waters, including reorganization and culture shifts. Even further, many companies have been deceived by the fallacy that the best way to deliver their customer experience is by implementing a new technology to fix their fundamental problem.


Companies assume that software developers have built in all the features to facilitate the life cycle of their customers and that buying into emerging software will be the golden ticket to delivering the best customer experience. When in truth, the process of defining your customer experience should start well before any software is brought into play.


You see, technology is just a tool to leverage your existing people and processes. If there is a problem with the first two ingredients, no technology is going to remedy those problems.


In this age of disruption, every business wants to be agile to ensure they achieve their goals. So, what differentiates the companies who are succeeding where others are struggling to find their way?


The formula hasn’t changed in 25 years.


The answer is at the core of any company’s existence.


Deliver an unbelievable customer experience consistently and you will survive the best of your competition.


Amazon is disrupting so many industries due to their unparalleled customer experience. They are succeeding by putting customer satisfaction at the center of their customer strategy. Netflix reinvented the way that we consume entertainment; from the user experience to the creation of original content that caters to their user base, they have stayed relevant in the conversation in a highly competitive market.


Early during their transformative years, both companies had a clear vision of who they wanted to be when they grew up. The customer experience they wanted to deliver did not change while its execution and implementation evolved to what it is now.


Netflix did not start by creating original content, but by listening to their customers they pivoted their company from simply curating content to becoming an industry leader in media and entertainment.


In my business, my clients have never cared about how cool my branding is or what new tools I am using unless it has vastly improved their experience of using my services and products. All customers will ever remember is if you could meet, or better yet, exceed their expectations.


A focal point for me has always been, “The purpose of a business is to create customers who create customers.” Creating customer advocates has been a large part of my success for more than 15 years.


Nevertheless, in the spirit of the customer experience I am already strategically planning for how to succeed in the next 15 years.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series where I’ll share what’s on my mind and what I see coming up next.

diana llorente

As the founder of Kewl Consulting in 2001, Diana Llorente is determined to help companies deliver more effective customer experiences. The speed at which the world is changing demands that businesses adapt swiftly. Deciding what matters most and innovatively achieving extraordinary results is wherein Diana excels.