grow your business with confidence

challenges facing companies

The Age of Disruption. The Era of Hyper-Speed. Sub-par ROI & Revenue. Misunderstanding customer needs. Rigidity instead of agility. Hyper-adoption & hyper-abandonment.  A corporate culture that fails to meet goals. Unable to clearly define a corporate “villain”. and more …

our part in the solution

We use our 16+ years of experience across 50+ industries to first identify the pain points a company is faced with. We then use our expertise to recommend the most effective combination of technology, people, and processes that will leverage a company’s strengths.

what we do best

leverage these 3 elements

We identify what features really make a difference and weight the list based on what will make the biggest to least difference. We then procure the software that will make the biggest impact. We implement in such a way that users adopt and embrace the technology.

Processes are the glue between people and technology. Well-defined business processes help you maintain consistency and speed to execution in the era of hyper-speed.

This is the most important ingredient in the Kewl Recipe; whether it be employees or customers, understanding people dynamics can make or break a business. We work with your team to discover what pain points your employees are grappling with. Our purpose is to deliver a customer experience that creates customer advocates, and that begins with your team.


how to increase productivity by 320%

Do you support your team's success by consistently utilizing power hours? We demonstrate the impact power hours can make on your productivity and profit margin.


 growth in the age of disruption

Join us on March 23, 2018 for a transformative knowledge share on topics such as leveraging AI effectively, winning corporate culture, and turning customers into customer advocates.


the future of business in a disruptive world

Despite artificial intelligence being a hot topic, many business owners ask if the emerging technology truly has ROI. If you could add 20 people to your workforce for a fraction of their salaries, would you do it?

15 years later: what I learned along the way and what I see coming up next

In this age of disruption, every business wants to be agile to ensure they achieve their goals. So, what differentiates the companies who are succeeding where others are struggling to find their way?